Cory’s signature phrase is that education is a non-negotiable. District 84 has been plagued with lack of institutional funding and results have not showed. Recent reports from the New York City Department of Education show how that the district 84 from 2015-2016 has the second lowest average number of student attendance year-to-date based on population enrollment at a stunning 87% (Student attendance averages below 90% are considered chronically absent).

      There have been no changes and parents are frustrated with the lack of their children educational well-being. You know, this situation is a emotional one for all of us New Yorkers. Many have lost faith and believe politicians gave up on students. But I will never give up. By advocating for more funding in lower rated and impoverished schools, this will allow better training and more satisfactory teachers plus more mentorship programs for all students. The point of the matter is to turn the state governments attention to the actual problems that are being voiced by the people here in district 84.

     As your Assembly Member, I want to take on the responsibility for helping Children's education. I intend to work with other school boards to help contribute solution plans for students of all ages for to increase attendance and overall transcripts. In the New York Assembly, I will fight for reform laws that replace unsatisfactory staff in schools. No child left behind is a mentality that I adopt and with your support, we will deliver the right results for our children. We can never give up on our children, they are the next generation of leaders. That's why I plan on taking to next step, by working with other agencies to help establish more programs so that the youth can be enrolled in tutoring programs so it can help them perform better academically.

     What I believe is a top priority for not only my district, but for the state is to push for restorative justice policy in schools thorough the state. Through proper legislation, school staff can provide an effective alternative to punitive responses such as zero tolerance policies. Also, fighting for the elimination of minor infractions that wrongfully place students in harsh suspensions or even prison.

  • Tuition Free College Plan- Income inequality is the greatest struggle New Yorkers have to endure. No longer shall they have to suffer debt for achieving educational success. The tuition free college plan will be revolutionary for all citizens in New York. The bill will allow eligible students to attend publicly funded colleges in the state for free if their parent's combined income is less than the 200,000 cap. It is time our students all get a equal chance of opportunity to live the American Dream.

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