Environmental Regulation

It’s a top priority on my list and on district 84. Living in a very high paced city with a large dense population. It’s imperative that we the people are living with a higher quality of life in the South Bronx and make sure that the neighborhoods are clean and citizens and businesses are not unethically being wasteful. As apart of the 5-point economic plan, I intend to work and partner with local non-profit foundations that operate within the district by eliminating wasteful trash in parks that includes invasive plants, establishing more recycling material bins for public use, and fighting relentlessly for funding of more district wide air cooling tower inspections to prevent disease outbreak such as Legionnaires & other dangerous infectious threats.

     In addition, while in the Assembly, my staff and I will work tirelessly to draft a bill in which requires that high risk areas where there are substantial complaints of potential lead pollution, for landowners and developers to be fine and pay for redevelopment in older buildings. Your health is a #1 priority and I want to make sure all citizens are bbenefitingfrom a cleaner and sufficient environment.

Combating Climate Change for New Yorkers- We need to make a urgent shift in our economy by moving towards renewable & solar energy. As your assemblyman, I will join together with environmentalists to discuss proper solutions for my constituency. A proposal that plan to bring into action is strict fracking bans throughout the state of New York. Oil companies are constantly lobbying our politicians in a effort to pollute the economy. At the end of the day, its people over profit, and we need to push strong initiatives to place our children in a clean and stable environment for generations to come.

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