LGBT Rights

     As New Yorkers, we don't support discrimination against the lgbt community. Especially here in the Bronx, we are extremely diverse and we all should be respected equally under law. As a Assembly man, I vow to protect the security of our diversity here in the Bronx. This includes, working with other elected officials to issue task forces or hotlines for where citizens who are being discriminated against anyone from the lgbt community.

    Statistics show hate crimes in New York City has risen gradually over the years. In 2016,  A lot of victims were people who were from the lgbt community and they have to be protected and safe from future acts of violence. Here in the South Bronx, we respect citizens rights, and don't share those values of discrimination and isolating specific demographics. I plan on taking on the constant attack against the lgbt community, and fight for their rights in their personal lives, and rights while in the workforce. No one should ever feel deprived in society because of their identity or cultural differences. A big priority for the lgbtq community is to expand their rights and ensure that they're equally treated in the workplace.

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