Narrowly Avoiding Prosecution

Board of Elections officer Risa Sugarman said that Arroyo's campaign"has a long history of non-compliance with the filing and disclosure requirements imposed by the Election Law."

When filing with the joint state commission on public ethics, she claimed to have won $30,000 from a casino in Yonkers. As well, Arroyo's grandson, and former chief-of-staff, Ricardo Izquierdo Arroyo, spent 10 months in prison for embezzling $115,000 from a nonprofit that the pol founded and funded with taxpayer money.

She also said that she paid her husband $20,000 as a "political consultant," which he is not.


It's up to us to end the corruption


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Illegal Campaigning


According to an affidavit, this photo shows Assemblywoman Carmen E. Arroyo, in red jacket, at a polling place in the Bronx on Primary Day last month.


In 2012, Carmen Arroyo faced a problematic primary challenge: she faced a threat from Maximino Rivera, a housing advocate, who, like Cory, wanted to challenge the corruption. Carmen saw this as a threat, and she responded by going to a polling place and telling people how to vote on election day.

This is a severe violation of federal election law, as all campaigning must be more than 100 feet from a polling place.

When Rivera challenged Arroyo in court, a judge dismissed the motion on procedural grounds. 

A poll worker was asked why she didn't do anything, and she responded, "She is my boss. She pays my salary. I can’t tell her to go.”

It's up to us to end the corruption.



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