Immigrants come to our country for mainly one goal in mind, the chance at better opportunities in life. We should welcome to the Bronx with open arms, many of them if not most are hardworking citizens I intend on advocating for better and sufficient laws to allow immigrants get jobs specifically to help finance them if they choose to advance themselves through college and work study programs. Immigrants whether documented or undocumented should not be discriminated against and should get a helping hand from the community for them to prosper.
I was a proud advocate of the Dream Act that was passed in the assembly in 2016, this law allow a Dream fund to help advance educational opportunities of immigrant students, remove the financial obstacles to obtaining state financial aid for certain immigrant students and eliminate barriers for immigrants who wish to start a college tuition savings account. But it doesn't stop there, I want to promote more workshops for new and incoming immigrants to help them with educational opportunities by partnering up with other non-profit organizations such as the New York State Immigration Action Fund. There are many immigrants here in the South Bronx, and they have a voice also, lets listen to them because they represent our values and share the same dream.

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