End the corruption!

The most important part of our revolution is to change the very system that plagues the people constantly. Our government only acts to serve the top 1%, and they bribe our politicians and ensure their votes through their financing. New York State laws are only helping big business and powerful executives succeed. I vow to use our message and fight against the establishment here in the government. We will pass legislation that tackles Albany's infamous corruption. 

 Government Official Term Limits - Time to bring democracy back to New York. Constantly, constituents across the state are extremely dissatisfied with their government officials. Establishment politics only benefit the 1% and special interests. With legislation backed by supporters all across NY, this will officially implement term limits for all lower and upper house officials.

New York State Ethics Commission- First thing I plan to propose is a bill that will develop a independent body in the New York State legislature that investigates misconduct among all elected officials in both the lower and upper house. The ethics office can be contacted by any member of the state legislature where they can report any suspicious wrongdoing by private disclosure. In addition, the ethics commission can be contacted by the public through anonymous tip or mail.

Ending the LLC loophole- In order to have a fair system for election campaigning, its imperative that the state must end the llc loophole that allow powerful corporations to funnel massive amounts of campaign donations to candidates through many shell businesses. As your assemblyman, I intend to co-sponsor revolutionary legislation that targets those schemes and incorporates a more equal campaign finance system.

Government Official Pension Strip- All politicians should be held accountable for their actions! The amount of bribery and corruption that goes on throughout New York is astonishing and is wrong. A bill that I will propose will strip pensions from convicted politicians on accounts of corruption, bribery, and embezzlement. The proceeds then go straight into a pension fund for teachers and retirement accounts for the state. No one is held over the law, and with this bill, the state government can now take corrective action against corruption and use the money for the right cause for hard paying workers.


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