Transportation is a universal problem here in New York City. Residents of the Bronx are pretty familiar with the frustration that goes with the everyday routine and delays occurring in the MTA. I am against the price fluctuation on fares. It puts a huge burden into the people's pockets and the system is squeezing too much money from its consumers. With constant delays and insufficient ways of handling issues, many commuters are forced to call out or maybe even show up late to work, and as a result suffer consequences such as losing jobs. This is wrong and it hurts the economy and halts any chance of growth as a whole.

My plan is to advocate for major reforms in the MTA operating function, allowing expansion of the subway carts, more lines being constructing and relieves the congestion that Bronxites have to endure daily. But we have to start now, fare proposals are jumping rapidly, recently to 2.75 per ride and now to 3.00 per ride. We have to applaud groups and organizations who are out to fight the madness and greediness of the MTA, organizations like Riders Alliance who are widely known for fighting for reliable, affordable, and a smoother public transit system in order to build a more sustainable New York. 

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